Company’s Profile

Established since 2005 in both Singapore and Malaysia, SIN MEI INDUSTRY prides itself in being one of the trailblazers for conjuring innovative and ingenious designs from a commonly used material — Aluminium. We actively take part in the manufacturing process of our aluminium components to ensure their premium quality.

SIN MEI INDUSTRY thrives on the intimate co-operation with interior and furniture designers. Through this alliance, we aim to provide end-users with modern and cutting-edge aluminium designs. We work closely with interior designers and architects to keep pace with the ever-growing demands of avant-garde commercial furnishings and aesthetically inclined homeowners.

SIN MEI INDUSTRY provides a wide range of aluminium profiles for our customers to choose from and has since built a formidable reputation in the industry as a Specialist in Aluminium Pole System used mainly in built-in wardrobes, cabinet doors, sliding doors and a wide assortment of custom-made furniture.

Our priority lies in consistently conducting research in order to generate more groundbreaking profiles and components for the interior designing industry. We aim to be in the frontier of aluminium designs and enhance the range of our products every step of the way.